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Alkaline and Ionized Water Articles
  1. AlkaViva Certificates
  2. Alkaline Ionizer Brands Compared
  3. Importance of Ionized Water
  4. Buyer Beware - what you Read May NOT be True
  5. Consumer Buying Guide and Checklist
  6. AlkaViva Models Compared
  7. AlkaViva Awarded Major Contract for Superior Cell Technology
  8. Testimonial - How Alkaline Water changed my Life
  9. Water Crystal from Mr. Emoto tests on AlkaViva Water Ionizer
  10. Dr. Robert Young from pH Miracle Series endorses AlkaViva ionizers
  11. Excellent Article explaining Alkaline Water and ORP
  12. Different Water Brands/ Types are tested for pH and ORP
  13. "Alkaline Water and Stomach Acid" by Sang Whang
  14. How Alkaline, Ionized Water Works
  15. What is Water Ionization
  16. The History of Water Ionization
  17. Benefits of Alkaline Water
  18. Benefits of Acid Water
  19. "Water, FIR and Resonant Frequency" by Sang Whang

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