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pH Test for Health

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This will give an indication of your current pH state.
Screen colors vary.
The 5 pH should be a yellow and the 8 pH a pure blue.

Disclaimer: These pH test results are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advise or treatment.

pH test

Follow These Three Simple Steps:

a) It is important to test frequently as food, stress, activity and release of toxins etc. can affect a reading. By testing often you can find out your typical pH reading at that time of day.

b) pH is typically higher after eating good food and lower first thing in the morning. To test urine it may be easier to find a small receptacle and test first thing in the morning, afternoon and evening. A reasonable pH is between 6.8 pH and 7.4+ pH. As you change your life style you may begin to see changes, but be patient and remember that each .1 pH is a significant difference.

c) When testing your saliva swallow a couple of times first. It may be easier to use a teaspoon in which to test.
You may notice that your saliva is acid and your urine alkaline or visa-versa. Initially this is common and in time if the right lifestyle is adapted this difference may lessen.


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