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A Critical Look at Our Water Supply

At Ionlife, we work with a growing number of Doctors and Health Professionals who are dedicated to helping their patients achieve and maintain good health

However, most people in the US are unaware how good quality water is essential for health.

Often unaware because so much is spent on selling expensive drugs and so little on providing basic health education.

Some of the information below may disturb. All is supported by published studies.

We present the following in the belief that once you know the facts you will take action. There are articles - elsewhere on this site - that discuss the many benefits of not just clean water but also of water that is ionized and alkaline.


"Several million Americans are drinking water that is potentially hazardous due to chemical or bacterial contamination"

LA Times:

"Communities with drinking water contaminated by chemicals are being hit with strange patterns of illness"

ABC Network News:

"U.S. Industries ... Generate some 88,000,000 pounds of toxic wastes a year, 90% of which, the EPA estimates, are improperly disposed."

The New York Times:

"More than one in five Americans unknowingly drinks tap water polluted with feces, radiation or other contaminants ... Nearly 1,000 deaths each year and at least 400,000 cases of waterborne illness may be attributed to contaminated water."

Houston Chronicle

"The parasite [Cryptosporidium} that killed more than 100 people in Milwaukee in 1996 has been found in drinking water systems that serve 45 million people."

USA Today

"Parasites in water is widespread ... can be dangerous, even fatal, to people with weakened immune systems."

U.S. News and World Report

"Some individuals, federal officials said last week, should not drink water straight from the tap because a disease causing parasite can slip right through many municipal water treatment systems."

The continued exponential growth in human population has created a huge increase in the demand for the Earth's limited supply of freshwater.

Thus, protecting the integrity of our water resources is one of the most essential environmental issues of the 21st century.

Recent decades have brought increasing concerns for potential adverse human and ecological health effects resulting from the production, use, and disposal of numerous chemicals that offer improvements in industry, agriculture, medical treatment, and even common household conveniences.

Research has shown that many such compounds can enter the environment, disperse, and persist to a greater extent than first anticipated.

Some compounds, such as pesticides, are intentionally released in measured applications. Others, such as industrial byproducts, are released through regulated and unregulated industrial discharges to water and air resources.

Household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other consumables as well as biogenic hormones are released directly to the environment after passing through wastewater treatment processes (via wastewater treatment plants, or domestic septic systems), which often are not designed to remove them from the effluent.

Veterinary pharmaceuticals used in animal feeding operations may be released to the environment with animal wastes through overflow or leakage from storage structures or land application. As a result, there are a wide variety of transport pathways for many different chemicals to enter and persist in environmental waters.

Because of the increased costs involved in trying to treat our polluted water, last year US officials voted to decrease the level of what was defined as "safe" drinking water. We can no longer rely on our Health authorities for good water but can take steps to ensure safety for our own home.

Below are a number of selected articles that are recommended reading.

You may wish to bookmark this site so that you can return later.

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