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Health and Diet

by Sang Whang

Looking at the global picture, there are three major categories of diseases. The first is contagious diseases caused by the invasion of foreign live substances. Today`s medical science is effective in isolating these invaders and finding the killer agents or developing immune shots. I believe that it is only a matter of time when medical science will find a cure for AIDS. We already know that the HIV virus cannot survive in an acidic environment; it cannot be transmitted through skin contact because skin surface is acidic.

The second category is degenerative adult diseases caused by the accumulation of non-disposed acidic wastes within our body. There are various means by which concentrated wastes are distributed, such asthe use of massages, vibrators, magnetic devices, hot baths, sauna, etc. With the exception of perspiration, these methods simply redistribute wastes from concentration.

The third category are diseases caused by nutritional deficiency. healthy foods This category is common among so-called health-conscious people. They eat exclusively "healthy foods" and exclude all "unhealthy" ones. After an extended time, they develop nutritional deficiency. Since they eat only healthy food but still do not feel well, they suspect that some substances in their drinking water make them sick. They, therefore, insist on drinking distilled water or reverse osmosis filtered water, believing that pure water is the best water. What these people don`t realize is that distilled water can leach valuable minerals from the human body, further depleting the body of needed minerals and nutrients.

Nutritional deficiency can be the result of special diets, which exclude some food or over-indulge in others. Over-indulgence in one kind of food can cause nutritional deficiency/imbalance. Our body needs all kinds of nutrients and certain nutrients are needed to maintain proper ratios with other nutrients. For example, we must maintain the proper ratio of potassium to sodium in our body; taking in sodium salt without a sufficient amount of potassium can cause health problems, and taking no sodium can also cause problem, as we recently learned.

With all due respect to nutritionists, there are more nutrients in natural food that we don`t know than what we know. It makes me cringe when I hear some nutritionist advising people not to eat certain food because it contains no useful nutrients. Such advice may be doing more harm than help. I have seen many so-called nutritionists disagreeing with one another as to what food is good and what is bad.

When it comes to health and diet, there are two schools of thought. Professional hospital dieticians advocate a balanced diet for their patients, making sure that the needed carbohydrate, protein, fat, and fiber are supplied. They are not necessarily concerned with the types of waste products that these foods produce. On the other hand, some health food specialists are more concerned with waste products that the foods produce and recommend certain kinds of food while excluding others. They are not necessarily knowledgeable about our body`s minimum daily requirements of certain nutrients.

Animals eat and drink what is good for them, instinctively, but we human beings often eat and drink what TV ads tell us to. We also often reject any food or drink that TV ads tell us not to.

My personal recommendation is to enjoy the food that we like, but do not over eat or exclude any food. Eat in moderation following professional dieticians` balanced diet concept, and drink suufficient water to help with cleaning out acidic wastes. Do not use lack of food to cleanse the wastes, thus running the risk of creating nutritional deficiency and/or imbalance.

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