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The Effect of Chlorine

Benefits of a Chlorine Shower Filter

The most important contribution that chlorine shower filters make toward a healthier lifestyle is in reducing the amount of free chlorine that comes into direct contact with your skin. AlkaViva's dechlorinating shower filter is specifically designed to effectively and efficiently remove chlorine (and chloramine) from shower water.

This results in softer more manageable hair and healthier younger looking skin. There is less fading of hair that has been treated and colored. For chlorine sensitive people, particularly small children, the elderly and sufferers of asthma or emphysema, chlorine removal is very beneficial as well as a safeguard against negative allergic reactions. Chlorine readily bonds to organic matter such as skin and hair destroying the natural bacterial balance which can cause dryness, itching and flaking.

Chlorine gas is more likely to be released in hot water. As it escapes from the hot water it is released in the confined shower recess, especially one with poor ventilation. The longer the shower, the greater the concentration of chlorine gas in the air we breathe. The lethal concentration for ten minutes of exposure is about 600 ppm and it has been suggested that regularly taking hot showers with chlorinated water could pose a health risk.

Chlorine and Chloramine

Chlorine is present in most municipal water systems in greater amounts during warmer weather or when higher levels of contaminants are present. Chlorine and Chloramine levels can very from day to day. Chloramine is produced when a municipality injects both chlorine and ammonia simultaneously into the water supply. This is done to reduce the free chlorine's ability to combine with organic matter in the water and thereby produce potentially harmful trihalomethanes, or THMs. Because chloramine has less disinfecting ability than free chlorine, a higher concentration of chlorine is usually used to get the same bacteria kill rate. Chloramine is already bound to organic matter in the water therefore it cannot bond to skin or hair. There is no chloramine gas therefore no vapors to inhale such as with chlorine.Our chlorine shower filters also remove chloramine. Some shower filter companies have made these claims. KDF may have some ability to remove these chloramine however in the small amount of filtering media and the rapid rate of flow required in a shower filter, this is not likely.

Experimental use of Chlorine in drinking water began in the 1890's to combat water-borne diseases such as Cholera and Typhoid. Chlorine quickly gained wide acceptance because of the low cost and high efficiency it had in killing just about everything hazardous in the drinking water. The use of Chlorine allowed population centers to appear and thrive without any epidemic outbreaks. Today however, we know more about Chlorine and why it is so important to remove it from our water before we drink it, cook with it, or shower in it. Chlorine is a known poison and the safety of drinking this poison over a long term period is highly uncertain. We now know that Chlorine reacts with water-borne decaying organic matter like leaves, bark, sediment, etc.. to create a family of other chlorinated organic compounds which can or may be highly toxic.

When you shower or bathe in chlorinated water, the pores of your skin open up and absorb the chlorinated water like a sponge. Also, Chlorine-filled Steam enters your lungs. People can actually receive more exposure to chlorine during a shower than by drinking the same water. Chlorinated Shower Water also causes or worsens skin irritations and rashes, dries the skin, can irritate eyes leaving them red, itchy and burning, and inhaling the steam can aggravate the sinuses and lungs as well. Most shower filters on the market today are not specifically designed for chlorine removal.

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