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pH Miracle DVDs

From Dr Robert Young and Shelley Young
(Dr. Young recommends AlkaViva Water Ionizers)


DVD - Shopping with Shelley, Part 1

Shelley Young guides us through a typical grocery store, and helps us understand how to choose alkalizing and energizing foods, as well as what to avoid, so that our kitchen cupboards stay full of healthful and tasty foods.

Shopping with Shelley Learn:
How to spot good produce.
Which vegetables and fruits allow us to reclaim our inner terrain.
Which foods will help you transition into the Alkalarian lifestyle.
What you need to make tasty ALKALARIAN meals.
How to put the NEW BIOLOGY into action through your foods

This video will take the guess work out of your food choices and show you how easy it is to shop ALKALARIAN.

Shopping with Shelley, Part 1 DVD $19.95


DVD - Shopping with Shelley, Part 2

Shopping with Shelley "The Alkalarian Guide to Natural Foods Shopping"
In this second installment of Shopping with Shelley, join Shelley as she takes you to one of her favorite health food stores: JIMBO`S Natural Foods Grocer. Come along as she reveals the multitude of meal options Alkalarians will find at a quality Health Food Store. This time around Shelley goes into even greater depth as she shows you how to shop with specific Alkalarian meals in mind.

Learn which bottled waters are best.
Learn which oils will help you to optimal health.
Learn which foods will help you and your family transition into the Alkalarian lifestyle.
Learn what to look for in sea vegetables.
Learn which sweeteners are least acidic.
Learn how to best shop for bulk foods.
This video will take the guess work out of your grocery shopping and show you how easy it is to shop Alkalarian.

Shopping with Shelley, Part 2 DVD $19.95

Purchase both Shopping with Shelley DVDs 1 & 2 and SAVE $10!
Get both for only $29.95


NEW DVD! The pH MIRACLE VIDEO - Full or Abridged Version:

The pH Miracle DVD "Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health"
Are you looking to lose weight, prevent disease, or reclaim your health? Forget cholesterol counts, calories and fat grams, blood pressure, blood sugar or hormone levels. It`s all about balance -- the pH balance in your body`s blood. Sit back and watch as Robert O. Young, Ph.D., a leading microbiologist and nutritionist, in partnership with his wife, Shelley, bring their New Biology to light, and help you achieve the incredible health results of THE pH MIRACLE.

So you can say goodbye to low energy, poor digestion, excess weight, aches, pains, and disease, and say hello to a new way of living, eating, and thinking that will bring you vigor, mental clarity, better overall health, and a lean, trim body. This powerful video presentation features Dr Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young as they walk you through the basic steps to embark on THE pH MIRACLE program.

The pH Miracle Video Full LengthpH Miracle DVD

The pH Miracle Video Abridged Version $14.95


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