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How To Install Your AlkaViva/ IonLife Electric Ionizer:

A. Install your Water Ionizer Directly to Your Faucet
Each AlkaViva model comes with a Faucet Diverter which is about 1" wide and 2" high. (The exact thread size is 15/16" with 27 threads per inch and is a male fitting.)

The Diverter fits almost all standard faucets and comes with a couple of spare adaptors in case they are needed. To see how to install using a diverter please use your manual ot watch installation videos at

Each unit also comes with two lengths of plastic hosing. One piece goes from the ionizerr to the diverter and is what conveys the tap water to the ionizer. The other is for the acid waste water and goes from the ionizer to hang down into the sink.

It usually takes only about 10 minutes to have your ionizer up and running if this method of connection is chosen. If you have a spray type faucet or some issue with space then please contact Ionlife before purchasing.

B. Install your Water Ionizer Directly to the Cold Water Line
You have the option to connect directly from your ionizer on your counter down through the counter or sink to the cold water line.

Our models have a water flow control knob which means you can turn the water on and off there instead of at the faucet. If you simply connect your ionizer to the faucet then you would leave this knob turned on and then control the water from the faucet instead.

Although a bit more difficult than connecting directly to your faucet it is still a reasonably simple and quick installation. The needed T-Junction piece is available from IonLife / AlkaViva or from your local hardware store. You will also need a short piece of flexi hose. The flexi hose connects from your on/off valve to the T-Junction and then the 1/4" hose to your ionizer and the water line to the faucet then attaches to the T-Junction also.

C. Install your Water Ionizer Under the Counter
It is possibly to install your unit beneath the counter. This is a great option when there is no spare counter space. If unsure it is recommended that you try your ionizer on your counter first as it has a base only the size of a toaster and it`s quality design fits in with most kitchen decor.

To install under the counter you will also need to purchase an under sink kit for $199.95.

The faucet part of kit comes in chrome or brushed nickel along with easy to follow instructions.

To see images and find out more please Click Here. Our trained technicians are also happy to help with ay questions - 775-324-2400.

D. Special Installations
By using five gallons of bottled water you can avoid the need to connect to the faucet or cold water line.

If you wish to use water this way then Ionlife offers the Flojet BW1000A Bottled Water Dispensing System.

This electric pump allows you to pump water through your water ionizer from several feet away. All that will be required is a 1/4" hose clamp to connect your ionizer and the Flojet BW1000A. You will need to manually operate the Flojet BW1000A and will need to turn it on and off each time you use your ionizer.

Please note that Ionlife does not assume any responsibility for the installation of any Water Ionizers it sells. Also Ionlife does not assume responsibility or additional costs for the purchase of plumbing hardware expenses that may be incurred while installing your water ionizers.


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