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Alkaline Water - Testimonials

Here is a list of some of our testimonials on the benefits from drinking alkaline ionized water. We have left out testimonials that make specific health claims as we have no way to validate if they were bought about by using our products.

We include a number of articles and links, to help you make up your own mind about our products and prices. If you can find a better deal than ours, please let us know. Every story comes from original testimonials at IonLife or BioMedicine offices. approves IonWays water ionizers

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Energy Levels and Caffeine

I first started drinking the water when I went traveling with some. One of the girls I was traveling with brought along her machine (it had alleviated some really serious illnesses for her), which we`d hook up at caravan parks every few days. I couldn`t believe the difference it made to my energy levels and my sense of wellbeing. I slept better, didn`t want to eat so much, didn`t crave chocolate and coffee as much, and just wanted to keep drinking it all the time.

When we got back I got my own machine. I couldn`t stand the taste of tap water any more, or the way it made me feel (bloated and queasy). Six months later I feel and look fitter and healthier, I`m easily doing twice as much as I used to be able to, I hardly ever get sick, and my usually erratic mood swings have stabilized.

Drinking ionized water has even helped me to get off my addiction to coffee, without the withdrawal symptoms I`d experienced before (headaches, irritability, low energy).

Now I`m tackling my food addiction.

Adam Blanch



We are delighted! We celebrated with a two week juice fast, supplemented with liters of ionized water which is very easy to drink. Feel a tremendous benefit on physical and mental level. We`re recommending friends to save and make this worthwhile purchase.

Mark and Fiona Johnson


Taste and Softness

"Just a short note to let you know of my satisfaction with the AlkaViva Ionizer. Having used it for cooking as well as drinking for some time I can definitely recommend the system to anyone.
Previously having a glass of water from the tap was not pleasant due to taste and smell. Now I find the ionized water soft and pleasant to drink plus healthy. What more could anyone want. Thank you for your service"

Maurie O`Kane


"Love my water!

I even take it to Karaoke!"

Kathy Scholes



"The kids raid our freezer for ionized water ice blocks. They never even bothered with ordinary water ice."

Anna Heiskari



My fellow user Louise is 79. She's dropped ten years and all her depression. I feel great and so does the dog!

Col Ryan


"Great water.
Love it."

Len Martin


"I felt more alive when I began on my Ionized water."

Jenny Dunn


"I chose IonLife at the recommendation of my Naturopath, and also after reading Sang Whang`s "Reverse Aging".
For the first six weeks I lent it to a friend who had just had her second baby. She had very bad post-natal depression after the first baby. She and her new baby are very well. The baby is so calm and happy he surprises everyone. The mother is coping well and the baby is gaining weight. The family is saving for their own ionizer."

Rotha Jogo


Mental and physical levels much higher. If you don`t have good health, you have nothing!

RN Ralph


"Alkaline water has eliminated my sore throat. Even when I have a cold now, if I drink some alkaline water the sore throat goes away... and I only ever get a sore throat if I`m away from alkaline water for too long. I`ve tried every remedy that is supposed to help sore throats without success. Alkaline water isn`t listed as being a remedy but it's the one that worked."

Michael Czajka


"We can drink far more water without bloating."

Kerri, Lexi and Bryce Masterman`s Mother


Diet without Struggle...

Within just a few days of installing the water ionizer on my rainwater tank outlet I could feel a huge difference to my health.
Perhaps this was partly because I was enjoying drinking the water so much that I was easily drinking the number of glasses of it that I had tried for so long - before the ionizer - to consume.

But it was always a bit of a chore. Now the water tasted so `sweet` that I just drank it like a fish!
The next thing that happened was actually that I got a big pimple on my chin, something I`ve only ever had as an adult when I`ve done longish juice fasts ... but on this point I was still eating pretty much the same food as before I got the ionizer.

The article that IonLife sent on detoxing really helped me to get through this little phase, and to understand why this had happened.
Next though, my appetite started changing.
I`d never had much of a sweet tooth, but now I found that I didn`t even want savory snacks between meals. That`s a dramatic change for someone who`d always relished cheesy crackers and salty nuts and chips!

And what`s more my coffee consumption dropped from one or two a day to one or two a week - and even then I find I`m finding I`m only really having coffee to be polite when someone offers me it. The craving just went away. My beverage of choice is now definitely alkaline water.
Indeed, when I go to the coast these days I unplug the ionizer and take it with me in the back of the car, and on day trips I always fill up a bottle or two from my machine so I don`t have to be without alkaline water any longer than I need to.

My energy levels have definitely gone up - way beyond what I would have thought possible - with the result that I`m able to do the regular exercise that I`d been wanting to do for years. Basically, I think the alkaline water kick-started a `virtuous cycle` of health changes that are still working their way through my system, three months after getting the ionizer.

Finally, I`ll say that before and after my purchase I got terrifically useful advice on water ionization. IonLife provide a genuinely excellent quality of service."



When I read Graham Cotter`s experience in Nexus magazine, I wanted an alkaline filter at any cost. I looked at w____ filters, but I really believed alkaline water was the way to go. Especially with a system so out of balance as mine!
My experience after one month has been:
I have had dehydrated skin and deep lines on my face (for my age) for many a year. I also have very oily skin and hair. Within one day of drinking the water my skin felt hydrated and plump, and my skin has stopped being oily. I had spent a small fortune on skin care over the years and never had any improvement.

Sasha Janson


I found the water ionizer a fantastic tool to support or gain health. We love the filter and the water has improved our wellbeing over the past months. Good product.
I will gladly recommend it to anyone.

Best regards,
Daniel R. Nikles


"I know this water is oxygenated by the effect it has on me."

Mary Collis



"I haven`t had one migraine since I began my daily ionized water."

Steve Ebsworth


Feels Great! Feels as if it disappears in my mouth even before it gets further down. I drink more and fee more relaxed.

IonLife service and delivery: Good

Gert Esser


IonLife`s advice was excellent, their service and delivery good. The water is sweet and palatable; My body feels more hydrated."


So good... Increase in energy

IonLife Advice: Very Good
IonLife service and delivery: Very Good


"It tastes so fresh and clean.

IonLife Advice: Spot On
IonLife service and delivery: Great

Peter Fleming


I have found my AlkaViva ionizer very easy to operate, and even more importantly, very beneficial."

Warren Mann


I ordered three more for my friends after I saw how good my ionizer was, and now one of them is ordering another four for his friends."

Kev Gormley


I am continuing to love my ionizer and have currently lent it to a friend who is in need & have convinced them to buy one. We would like one like mine (Melody) which I presume is still the latest & best model."

Gerhard Paterson


"Bob is full on with ionized air and water. At times he gets an ache here or a pain there as things are changing but he can fall asleep easily now and sleeps better. (Trying to fall asleep had been a problem for him for many years)"

Eleanor Elias


Daniel Reid and his Chinese Tea ceremonyA fascinating interview with Daniel Reid
Author, "The Tao of health Sex and Longevity"

Expert on anti-aging techniques
and an avowed devotee
of ionized water and air."

Read what he has to say about our polluted bodies and be prepared for a radical rethink!

Bob and Rhonda: a typical user`s story Bob and Rhonda Henry:
All about stomachs, skin, knees and pot plants:
a typical user`s story

The Alkaline Life:
An article from Living Now Magazine on water ionizers

Comparison of blood cell distribution after Ionized waterLive Blood Cell Comparison
Images of healthy and unhealthy blood
See why hydration is so important
to good health

Macushla Boyle`s own testimony to ionized waterA user's report on her health after only a couple of months on ionized water. Insomnia gone, her skin improved, energy levels and more.

NEW - Naturopath Sue Pollock`s story and suggestions
Plus links to a couple of great articles

Note: much more data is available from IonLife on specific ailments. You are welcome to call us at
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All original testimonials are available for perusal at IonLife and BioMedicine offices.


"Aark! Water!All family members, (including our 2 Amazonian parrots), immediately noticed the difference in taste and quality of ionized water, far superior and can be addictive.
I am now combining: Antioxidant water, Kombucha brewing, Colloidal silver,(as a natural antibiotic)., a fairly good all round combination for good health I`d say.

Andy Hurrell , Brazil"


Water Quality

"Since we talked to you last, we have been slowly discovering the benefits of our ionizing water filter. To our initial surprise, it wasn`t so much an obvious and instant change but more of a gradual one. In fact, it`s been more of a revelation to us when we`ve been not drinking the water, when away on holidays for a few weeks, as to how much difference it`s made, and often in subtle ways. So we`re very happy with the unit."

Ron and Kerrie Putnins


This water is liquid gold, the unit is top quality. I wouldn`t be without it."

Thank You, John Hanly


I am enjoying it - wouldn`t go back to ordinary water again. Am still detoxing even after 5 weeks.



Can`t get enough of it - my body loves it! Pleasant taste; amazingly clear.
IonLife Advice: Excellent
IonLife service and delivery: Polite, helpful, pleasant, very efficient. Thanks!

Jenny and Basil


Body Loves it. Digestion better. More energized. Sleeping better. Love the product!

IonLife Advice: Great
IonLife service and delivery: Great



IonLife Advice: Excellent
IonLife service and delivery: Excellent!

So impressed I have become a distributor.



The water is sweet and palatable; my body feels more hydrated.

IonLife Advice: Excellent
IonLife service and delivery: Good



IonLife Feedback and advice: Excellent

My impressions of drinking the water: Fantastic!



Service and delivery: Excellent

Impressions of drinking the water: Excellent. Very nice.

Allan Ludbey


Water tastes great!

IonLife Advice: Very Helpful
IonLife service and delivery: Very good

Robert and Janell


Very smooth and soft to the palate

IonLife Advice: Good
IonLife service and delivery: Excellent

Eunice Thomas


We consume more water now and can really taste the difference between tap and filtered.

IonLife Advice: Great!
Tina and Steven Horvat


IonLife Advice: Good
IonLife service and delivery: Good

My impressions of drinking the water; great!

Christine Best


IonLife Advice: Mark`s advice was excellent
IonLife service and delivery: Delivery was very quick

Anita Hall


Just what the doctor ordered.

IonLife Advice: All Good
IonLife service and delivery: All Good

S. Lambert


I am extremely happy and eager to spread the word

IonLife service and delivery: Prompt and efficient.

Karen Jewell


We really appreciate the difference in the taste of the water. Have not been good water drinkers previously but find ourselves happier to drink several glasses a day now.

E & J Foulkes


DISTILLED WATER: A compelling argument against the use of so-called 'pure' water. Click Here

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Note: Reports posted here are in no way implied or warranted indications of the effects of the use of ionized water or air. If you are in doubt about any health issue you should always contact a registered health practitioner.

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