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Emco Tech (Jupiter Science)

Established date: Emco Tech 1970
[over 40 years in the water ionizer field]

JEmco Tech main assembly line Products: Medical equipment, filters, and water purifiers

Head office/ assembly location: 163-3 Dodang-dong Wonmi-gu Bucheon Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Emco Tech does all its manufacturing and research at its factory in Japan.

Related Companies: Dong Yang Bio Valley, IonPia, AlkaViva, Winia System, Dong Yang, Ionia, GL Industries, Jupiter Science, Emco Tech

OEM Jupiter Science/ Emco Tech Companies : Hyundai, LG, Samsung, Toyo Industries etc. (largest water ionizer manufacturer in Asia).

Technology overview:

Over 20 patents, plus registration of many new designs
Over 30 water ionizers developed
10 hot and cold water ionizers patents applied for

Jupiter laboratory International certificates such as:
* UL(U.S. safety certificate) obtained
* CE (European safety certificate) obtained
* JIS (Japanese safety certificate) obtained
* FDA health device safety certificate
* ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certificates
* Industries first Good Manufacturing Practice certificate
* Industrial Medal of Merit (from Japanese Emperor)

Approval for medical equipment manufacturing - Ministry of Health and Welfare
Strong focus on technology development and quality excellence


Brand name and Manufacturer: Emco Tech
International Export Company: ROYAL WATER
World leaders with exports to over 30 countries.
Production plant largest in Asia - able to manufacture over 100,000 units a month

Emco Tech History

Since 2001 yet to be updated

Emco Tech Awards

Emco Tech Patents

Emco Tech water ionizers were the first CE approved water ionizers on the market and have a state of the art production plant capable of manufacturing over 100,000 units a month. They continue to lead with the lowest return/repair rate in the industry and their Research Department is always far ahead of other imitators in the field.

Emco Tech (Jupiter Science): HERE TO STAY

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