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High ph Water


pH is the term used to measure the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14. At 7, the pH level is considered neutral. At 0 to 7, pH is called acidic and from 7 to 14, pH is called basic. The neutral property of water is what makes water so important for sustaining life. Due to its being neutral on a pH scale, water is capable of being moved in and out of the body without causing a change in chemical balance. Despite water generally being neutral, some water can be either acidic or basic in pH, which can cause problems. Basic pH levels are considered high alkaline, meaning it has a higher buffer capacity. A higher buffer capacity means a better chance at keeping things at a neutral level.

Alkaline water is preferred over acidic water. Alkaline water is capable of buffering acidic solutions which contain a higher concentration of hydrogen ions. Water with a high pH is also called hard water. This is because it contains minerals, the most prevalent being calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate comes from rocks like limestone or can be leached from dolomite and calcite in soil. An example of how alkalis are good is by looking at acid rain. In some parts of the world, acid rain is abundant. While not harming human skin, acid rain poses a serious threat to the environment because once the ecosystem gets below a certain pH level, it ceases to sustain life. Alkaline treatments are used to help the acid rain problem, acting as a buffer and stabilizing the water’s pH levels.

Another benefit to alkaline water is in the human body’s health. Generally speaking, our bodies are meant to be around 7.35-7.35 on the pH level. This is our blood pH level and differs from that of our saliva or urine. Just like the ecosystem described above, when our blood goes outside of these parameters, the body is no longer sustained and dies. The pH of our saliva and urine is supposed to be close to our blood pH, but often, that is not the case. Due to our diets of highly acidic foods and beverages, our bodies are more acidic. This causes faster aging and degenerative diseases. Alkaline water helps because it removes free radicals. Alkaline cells are capable of donating an electron while remaining stable. This electron is given to a free radical that then becomes stable (meaning it’s no longer a free radical). By removing free radicals from the body, you prevent the destruction and decaying of your healthy cells, which further improves your body’s ability to function. In other words, consuming high leveled pH water helps your health and prevents the problems acid pH causes.


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Dr. Nagaraj
2010-07-23 03:36:45

Great article.i believe this concept and i had been treating people on this basis for years .this concept brings you closer to nature.i have seen many complicated cases getting on track by changing their food habits and swiching on to alkaline diet. all the best.

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